The 8 Best Newborn Shoes to Consider

newborn baby gifts: close up of pink baby booties

Newborn shoes come in handy in certain situations. Like when you need to take your precious bundle out in the cold and need their socks to stay on a few seconds longer. Baby shoes also help to enhance a baby's overall cuteness factor when you go out, or in photographs - and that's pretty much priceless. But it’s important for you to remember that babies’ feet are very soft and sensitive. They also need room to grow and should not wear anything that affects their natural growth.

Babies grow quickly, especially in the first year. Did you know that for the first 15 months, a baby's foot grows half a size every two months? Amazing, isn't it? For this reason, any newborn shoes that they wear should have enough space in terms of length and width. The baby's feet should be able to move around in there and feel free. The good news is that there are lots of baby shoes that look cute and fit this bill. They are warm, flexible, and look really adorable. And guess what? Those baby photos are just about to get even more adorable!

The Best Newborn Shoes

The following are our choices for the best newborn shoes for your loved ones. Our goal was to create a list of products that would suit those with a limited budget and a wide variety of design tastes.

Annnowl Baby Winter Warm Boots Sock Top Slippers (0-6 Months, Pink)
  • Cute and Charming cartoon animal design, added more fashionable

These baby girl shoes for newborns consist of cotton and human-made fleece. Both of these materials are incredibly soft and flexible. They ensure that the newborn shoes are comfortable and flexible and thus will not hurt the baby.

These shoes are white. Their design is particularly suited to baby girls. The shoes have a hook and loop design and Velcro on the side. This design makes it easy for the parents to slip in the baby’s feet into the shoe quickly and without difficulty. And the soles are non-skid. Shoes in larger sizes are therefore safe for pre-walkers.

Customers love these shoes because they are very soft inside and look adorable.

BirdRock Baby Fringeless Moccasins - Genuine Leather Boys and Girls Shoes for Newborns, Infants, Babies, & Toddlers (Lilac, US 2)
  • GENUINE LEATHER, NOW AVAILABLE WITHOUT FRINGE! Our leather baby moccasins have become some of the most popular and highest rated baby shoes available. By popular request, we've now made them available without decorative fringe.

These fringeless baby shoes consist of a soft leather body and sole. The leather material is high quality and therefore durable. It’s also breathable and thus enhances the baby’s comfort. The soft leather sole is lightweight and flexible. That ensures that the shoe does not constrict the baby’s foot or wear it down. The baby’s foot will be able to grow naturally without interference.

These newborn shoes come in multiple colors. They include lilac, navy, slate, and black and tan. You, therefore, have many options to choose from concerning colors. Besides that, this shoe comes in a wide range of shoe sizes. The newborn shoes are a size two and have a length of 3.75 inches. They are suitable for babies of zero to six months. The manufacturers of these shoes also offer 100 percent lifetime guarantee for their products.

Customers love them because they are easy to clean, comfortable for the baby, and adorable.

These baby shoes consist of PU leather. The material is soft, light, and flexible. It, therefore, makes these shoes comfortable for a growing baby. The shoes are also durable. The available shoe sizes accommodate zero to three months and six to nine months.

The shoes come in multiple colors that include brown, white, grey, green, and gold. You, therefore, have many color choices to pick from. The soles are non-skid and larger sizes will provide traction for babies learning to walk. The elastic ankle band makes these shoes easy to slip on and off.

Customers love them because they are easy to slip on and look adorable.

These snow boots consist of cotton knit. This material is soft, eco-friendly, and warm. The material is also flexible and breathable. These shoes ensure the baby stays comfortable. Besides that, they come in multiple colors including pink, grey, black, and red. The shoes are 4.33 inches long and suitable for babies of zero to six months.

The bottom of these crib shoes has rubber to make it anti-skid and thus prevent slipping when babies are in motion. However, the sole is foldable and lightweight enough to accommodate the baby’s growing foot. These snow boots also have Velcro, which makes them easy to slip on and off.

Customers love them because they look cute, are very warm, and easy to slip on and off.

goumikids, Soft Stay On Booties Keeps Feet Warm and Adjusts to Fit as Baby Grows (Drops/Gray, 0-3 Months)
  • SOFT AND COMFY: Super soft and comfortable baby fleece booties made for play-time, nap-time, and relaxation; Includes 1 single pair of cozy infant slippers

These baby booties consist of 70 percent bamboo-derived viscose, and 30 percent organic cotton. The material used is naturally antimicrobial and thus work to help keep germs at bay. The fabric is also eco-friendly and breathable. It will help enhance the baby’s comfort while in use. These shoes come in 3 major sizes: 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, and 6 to 12 months.

These shoes are machine-washable hence easy to keep clean. They utilize a two-part closure system that includes a Velcro strap with ample elastic. They make the shoes difficult for the baby to remove and easy for the parent to slip on and off. Also, the material and design ensure there is enough room for the baby’s foot to grow naturally.

Customers love them because they are comfortable for the baby and they stay on.

KONFA Toddler Newborn Baby Boys Girls Cartoon Squeaky Shoes,for 0-3.5 Years old,Lovely Soft Sole Anti-Slip Boots (C_Pink, 0-6 Months)
  • ღღღ 1 Pair Unisex Baby Shoes,made of high quality Mesh,Rubber materials,No any harm to your baby's skin.

These baby shoes consist of rubber and mesh. They are, therefore, breathable, lightweight, and flexible enough to be comfortable and accommodating of the baby’s growing feet. The materials are also safe and pose no danger to the baby’s health. The shoes are made to fit babies of zero to six months.

These newborn shoes utilize the drawstring closure design thus making them easy for the parents to slip on and off. The hook and loop design also help to ensure the shoes stay on when closed. The sole is anti-slip thus enhancing traction for babies in motion. And the artistic designs on the shoe surface are child-friendly, come in pink and blue and are, therefore, unisex. That makes these shoes an excellent pick as gifts for both baby boys and girls.

Customers love them because they look adorable.

Baby Boys Girls Anti-Slip Sneakers Soft Ankle Boots Toddler First Walkers Newborn Crib Shoes(12-18 Months Toddler, 4-Beige)
  • [ QUALITY ] – This baby sneakers are made of high quality PU Leather upper, which is very soft and comfortable.

These ankle boots consist of PU leather and faux suede. The shoe upper is of synthetic leather and the lining cotton. These materials are soft, lightweight, and flexible. They are comfortable for the baby to use. They also keep the baby’s feet warm. These shoes, in particular, have a heel-to-toe length of 4.33 inches and therefore suit babies of 0 to 6 months.

The soles of the shoes are cozy and breathable. They allow the baby’s feet to feel the ground naturally and grow healthily. Besides that, these shoes come in several colors that include gold, light grey, sky blue, pink, light apricot, and black among others. It’s much easier for people with different color preferences to get the shoes that they want. Also, the lace design makes these shoes easy to loosen or tighten to suit the baby’s feet size.

Customers love them because they look cute and are affordable.

No products found.

These baby shoes consist of leather. The material is warm and naturally breathable. It’s also soft and flexible. It, therefore, ensures that the newborn shoes are comfortable and lightweight enough for a newborn baby to use. These shoes also come in a variety of colors that include red, black, blue, red, and yellow. So its easy to find a shoe color that suits your fancy.

These newborn shoes have laces, which makes it easy for the parents to put the shoes on and pull them off the baby. The laces also help keep the shoes on when they are tightened properly. The soles of the shoes incorporate an anti-slip design that keeps a moving baby safe. This shoe comes in different sizes that accommodate babies aged 0 to 6 months, six to 12 months, and 12 to 18 months.

Customers love them because they are soft, cute, and accommodating of larger baby feet.

The Low-Down on Newborn Shoes

Buying newborn shoes should not be a chore. It's actually one of the fun parts of shopping for a baby. But with so many choices, you may be confused on what to do and how to go about finding the perfect baby shoes. Here are some common newborn FAQs that may help answer some of your questions.

What qualifies as newborn shoes?

Newborn shoes are shoes meant for newborn babies. Usually, the term “newborn” clinically refers to babies less than one month. In many cases however, the term newborn commonly refers to babies of up to two months. So, any shoe that can fit babies who are this young will qualify as a newborn shoe. And many times, shoes that fit babies between zero and six months will belong to this category.

How shall I choose newborn shoes?

Any newborn shoes that you select must be comfortable for the baby to wear while accommodating the baby’s growing feet. Safety and comfort above all else. Any shoes that you buy should be flexible enough not to constrict the baby's malleable feet and weak bones. They should also have enough space to ensure the baby's feet can grow without interference. And since babies are delicate, their newborn shoes should be lightweight enough to avoid weighing down their precious feet.

Where to buy newborn shoes?

Many stores offline and online sell newborn shoes as part of their stock. Offline stores like Walmart and online retailers like Amazon provide lots of baby shoes. You can take the time to shop around and find what you like for your loved one.

What to Look for in Newborn Shoes

What are the factors that you should consider when buying newborn shoes? And what should you look out for?

Material used

Be on the lookout for materials such as knitwear, soft leather, and fleece. The newborn shoes need to be warm and flexible. And the material used to make them will determine to what degree the shoes meet these criteria.

Design features

Newborn shoes are also about the cuteness factor. But that's not to say all shoes look alike. Some shoes have designs that have a bias toward boys while others have a bias toward girls. You, however, will also encounter lots of shoes with unisex designs that are suitable for both genders. Besides that, you need to consider design features like ankle straps or lacing systems that will determine how easy it will be to slip the shoes on, and keep them that way. The sole designs also matter because they affect traction. Design additions like bows ramp up the overall cuteness of the baby shoes.

How We Reviewed

To determine the best newborn shoes, we considered several factors. We reviewed the products based on the design features, the material used to make the shoes, and the comfort level the shoe provided. Customer ratings and reviews also played a major role in what we selected.

Find the Best Newborn Shoes Possible

There are so many choices of newborn shoes to choose from, and this list will get you started on finding what you need. Most of them are cute and adorable. So long as they are accommodating of the baby's rapid growth, then what you select does not matter. However, the best newborn shoes are those that will get your loved one lots of compliment without breaking the bank. So, take your time to find the most adorable shoes within your budget that you can find.

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