The Best Newborn Baby Gifts

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When choosing newborn baby gifts, you are not making an impression on the newborn baby but the new parents. It may be intimidating because that impression may last long. Parents want nothing but the best for their children, and you do not want your gift ending up in storage or even re-gifted.

I remember when my friends threw me a surprise baby shower. Since I was the first to get pregnant in my group of friends, my baby shower gifts were a whole selection of baby toys, clothes, bedding sets and items for bottle feeding. Some ended up in the attic, like those head and side pillows, since our pediatrician said these are no-nos. The feeding bottles and formula dispensers also ended up in storage because I chose to breastfeed. The sad news is we remember who gave which.

Selecting newborn baby gifts doesn't have to be difficult -- if you've done some reading.

How to Select Newborn Baby Gifts

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There is a wide selection of available newborn baby gift ideas in the market. You may be amazed by some innovative items or overwhelmed by descriptions like organic cotton and BPA-free, among others. Where do you stand? Since the new parents just had their sweet little angel, they would appreciate some thoughtfulness in your gifts. Be thoughtful enough to know if your gift would be of help to the parents as they raise their little bundle of joy. Do not get a gift just for the sake of giving a gift.

How We Selected the Best Newborn Baby Gifts

How Much to Spend on Newborn Baby Gifts

Best Gifts for Newborns

New parents appreciate thoughtful gifts that would serve a purpose in their newborn's life and aid them at the beginning of their parenthood journey. We have listed below the ten best newborn baby gifts. This list, however, does not follow a particular order.

1. Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station

Skip Hop's Pronto Signature Changing Station prides itself for being ultra-convenient that parents may use independently. 

Changing pads or changing kits are a must for on-the-go parents with newborn babies. Baby's skin is still too sensitive for it to touch common diaper changing areas and you would not want to risk their baby getting allergies or catching a virus. Skip Hop's Pronto is a complete changing station that protects baby's sensitive skin.

Skip Hop's Pronto is an easy-to-use complete changing station. Its clips and zips make it easy for the user such that parents could unzip the pockets apart from the changing pad so it will be easier to have the changing items on hand. This small clutch packs personal items such as keys, mobile phone, and wallet in its front pocket. It has a mesh pocket that houses up to four large diapers and creams that the user would need for a diaper change.

Furthermore, it has another pocket with a clear wipes case. This innovative changing station suit babies best as it provides a built-in Pronto pillow in baby's head area. The surface is a waterproof pad that they could just wipe after each use.

2. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack Forma

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack Forma keeps your baby's needs organized. It has a lot of sections that cater to baby's necessary items.

It is unquestionable why parents need a diaper bag, but why this as one of the best newborn baby gifts you ask. Firstly, the bag itself is lightweight. There is no added weight to all the other baby needs. Its form as a backpack distributes the weight of the bag to the carrier.

Additionally, it has two storage cubes in its front pockets; one meshes perfectly for baby's creams, diapers or clothing; and the other is perfect for bottles. Side pockets are also insulated perfectly for bottles. The edge of this bag is the spacious interior. Another bonus feature is the cushioned pad that comes with the bag.

The usability of this baby bag is beyond question. The exterior is quilted and easy to clean with just one wipe. They may use it as a backpack, but it also has straps if they want it hanging by the stroller. The openings are mostly zippers, and the side pockets are stretchy. The bag is Phthalate-free and PVC-free for the conscious new parents.

3. DockATot All-In-One Baby Lounger

DockATot is a docking station for babies to play, lounge, and rest at home or out and about. A bestseller among newborn baby gifts, its claim to fame is the reduction of nighttime wakings as it was designed to copy the mother's cozy and soothing womb. This high priced item is among the best newborn baby gifts. 

Whether the one you are gifting is a stay-at-home parent or not, this DockATot is beneficial for it has features designed for the parents' and their baby's needs. To start with, it is lightweight and parents may easily carry it around. DockATot also makes it possible for parents to leave their baby nearby while they prepare their food, bathe or do some chores. It is made for traveling, allowing the baby to feel at home wherever they go.

It is a friendly docking station as it is compact. There is no need to assemble. It is ideal for bed sharing with parents because even if they fall asleep, parents need not to worry about the baby falling.

4. Fisher-Price Music & Lights Elephant

Fisher-Price's Music & Lights Elephant establishes a good bedtime routine making it one of the best newborn baby gifts. This light-up, musical elephant helps put baby right to sleep.

Newborn babies need help to adjust in the outside world, i.e., out of Mom's womb. In dealing with this, innovative thinkers suggest that new parents have a sound machine that imitates the sound of the mother's womb and heartbeat. The static noises heard in an ultrasound test are what sound machines replicate. The Music & Lights Elephant gives parents a selection of white noises like sounds of ocean, rain, and nature. It also has lullabies if the baby prefers them or outgrows the white noises. A plus feature of this sound machine is the nightlight.

With just one button, there is a feature for it to play for only 20 minutes, 120 minutes, or all night long depending on the baby's sleeping pattern. It does not require batteries; instead, simply plug it in. It also has a button for the loudness of the music to play as babies could be sensitive to sounds too. Buttons for music and light are direct as shown in the icons making it user-friendly.

5. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Have you ever heard of the saying, "reading is fundamental?" Pediatricians recommend parents to start reading to their baby even before the baby can respond. Studies show that reading advances babies' speech and language, as well as increasing the mental sharpness of the child in his later years. Books like The Giving Tree provides parents with a touching story with a moral lesson that they could eventually teach their toddler. 

Books are meant to be read aloud for babies to understand communication. Building a reading habit makes babies develop language and yearn for learning. Parents need books to develop their children, so this is one of the best newborn baby gifts one could give, it is budget friendly too. An easy read, The Giving Tree shows a story of the gift of giving without anything in return. It shows the unconditional love that parents have to their children.

6. Colored Organics Kimono Bodysuits

Colored Organics' Kimono Bodysuits are known as hypoallergenic one-piece bodysuits that provide comfort and style. 

There is no denying how babies need a lot of clothes due to milk spills, vomits, sweat and diaper leaks. Since there may be a lot of clothing changes for babies, parents need bodysuits that are easy-to-wear and suited for baby's sensitive skin. Colored Organics' bodysuits consist of 100 percent organic cotton. Naturally, hypoallergenic, the snaps are nickel free, and dyes are heavy metal free and water-based. Since it wears like a kimono, parents need not to go through the hassle of lifting the baby's head as it may irritate her and cause her to cry. Instead, parents merely need to place the baby on the kimono and button them up.

7. Kids N’ Such Multi-Use Nursing Cover

Kids N' Such's Multi-Use Nursing Cover, also known as a stretchy multi-use car seat canopy, nursing, and shopping cart cover, is an innovative nursing cover that is best for all mothers on-the-go. 

Despite breastmilk being the best food for babies, not all have accepted nursing in public; hence, there is a demand for nursing covers. Since parents or moms want to keep their bags lightweight, Kids N' Such innovated nursing covers that are also perfect for a high chair, car seat, stroller or shopping cart cover. This innovation made this nursing cover one of the best newborn baby gifts.

You would impress the parents with this choice as covers are needed to protect the baby from germs, the elements, and strangers. As a nursing cover or stroller cover, it makes it darker that baby could sleep longer even if the parent is outside. It is easy-to-use and has a stretchable fabric for those bigger seats.

8. Burt's Bees Baby Wearable Blanket

Another newborn baby gift idea is the Burt's Bees Baby Wearable Blanket. It is soft and made with 100 percent organic cotton. 

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents to do away with loose blankets in the crib; however, newborn babies are still adjusting at the temperature outside the womb and needs to be kept warm. The Beekeeper wearable blanket keeps the parents' little bundle of joy cozy, warm, and secure.

This wearable blanket is easy-to-use. To facilitate comfortable wearing, this closes with a zipper instead of buttons. There is another zipper from bottom to manage diaper changes at night.

9. Boon Care Health and Grooming Kit

Hygiene is one of the most important factors for parents, especially for their newborn baby. That makes Boon Care Health and Grooming Kit as one of the best newborn baby gifts. A six piece set containing quick read thermometer, silicone toothbrush, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, medicine spoon, and cradle cap brush, Boon assures the user that they need every item in this kit.

This six piece kit by Boon prides itself of an eight-second quick read thermometer that is flexible enough to bend for uncomfortable babies. The thermometer displays red or blue indicate whether the baby is hot or cold respectively. The silicone toothbrush is gentle on gums. The nasal aspirator is probably the best of this care kit as it is designed to relieve the babies of their stuffy noses through the user sucking the stuff out of the baby, you simply add a cotton ball or tissue as a filter. It is also easy to clean, unlike other nasal aspirators.

The medicine spoon has a soft tip that makes it easy for babies to take their medicines. The nail clipper has a large handle that is easy to grip and has small blades for tiny nails. Lastly, the cradle cap brush has soft bristles that gently massage the scalp and is suitable as baby's everyday brush.

10. Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set

This five-pack Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set includes Foam Shampoo for Newborns, Gentle Cleansing Gel, No-Rinse Cleansing Water, Hydra Bébé Body Lotion and Diaper Rash Cream 123.

Best newborn baby gifts are those most needed by the parents, and this Mustela gift set just made it easier for gift lookers as it is already complete with shampoo, bathing soap, cleansing water, body lotion, and diaper rash cream. Shampoo and bathing soap are both needed to keep the baby fresh and clean. The no-rinse cleansing water is for the face and diaper area to be clean. The lotion is necessary to be applied to babies' feet as pediatricians say feet often dry up.

Lastly, the rash cream is there to prevent, protect or even relieve babies of diaper rashes. Moms recommend this as the best skin care for babies and sensitive enough for their young skin. All products come in a handy bottle that is extremely easy to use.

The Practical Decision

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The best newborn baby gift is Skip Hop's Pronto Signature Changing Station. That would impress the parents of the baby you are gifting as it is quite unusual and yet very thoughtful. With far more than a single use, it is perfect for parents on-the-go -- or as an organizer at home. For well under $50, you have managed to make things easier for the new parents by keeping baby safe and clean during diaper changes.

Tell us what you think about our best newborn baby gifts. We welcome all of your comments.

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