How to Choose the Best New Mom Gift Basket for Every Mom and Baby

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The first few days of a baby's life are full of beautiful moments, special connections, and plenty of sleepless nights. A new mom gift basket filled with necessary items is the best way to ensure mother and child are happy. During the first few days to weeks of a baby's life, mom and her family will go through a series of changes: schedules, food, and maybe even home. You typically fill these gift baskets with everything a new mom may need to ensure the transition is as comfortable as possible.

Not all new mom gift baskets are made equal. Some of them focus mainly on mom and her transition from pregnancy into motherhood. These kinds of baskets feature anything from aromatherapy sets to specialty baked goods. You stuff other gift baskets with baby items including bibs, onesies, and pacifiers. But these new mom gift baskets are not only packed with products, but you fill them with love. You can either shop stores for the gift basked best suited for your budget or decide to build your own from scratch.

Why Choose a Gift Basket Vs. Other Gifts?

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There are a few reasons why you may wish to purchase a new mom gift basket rather than a specific gift for mom and her new baby. Imagine you are a guest at a baby shower and the new mother has a gift registry. Reason number one you opt for a gift basket would be because everything on the list has already been purchased (every new mom's dream)!

Another reason would be because there was no baby shower and you want to show your congratulations. Lastly, you may not know what precisely the new mom wants or needs. If you're not sure, cover your bases by investing in a new mom gift basket. Purchasing a basket with numerous items instead of one specific thing will increase your chances of having at least a couple of items she will enjoy.

What Does a New Mom Gift Basket Usually Contain?

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A gift basket's contents vary depending on their purpose and theme. You may think that a new mom gift basket focuses strictly on the baby and contains essentials such as pacifiers, bibs, and onesies.

As cute as those kinds of gift baskets are, there are a variety of themes from which to choose. For example, a food-themed new mom gift basket generally hones in on just the mom as a new parent. This particular kind of gift can include a wide array of fruits and vegetables cut and arranged into beautiful shapes. Bountiful Fruit creates gorgeous bouquets of fruits, personalizes each order with a note of your choice, and delivers it to the recipient's door.

However, there are plenty of other food-related gift baskets. These baskets include baked goods, handmade goodies, and even entire meals in a jar. There are also new mom gift baskets involving anything from aromatherapy solutions to self-care. If you can't find the right gift basket for the new mom in your life, you might want to consider making your own.

The DIY Option

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Making your own new mom gift basket is no easy feat. I recall trying to put together a basket a few years ago which ended up in complete failure. I was unprepared for the sheer number of items to purchase and the work involved in making it look as beautiful as store-bought baskets. Depending on which things you want to include, it may also cost you significantly more than buying the basket from a retailer. But if you make your own, you will have a certain amount of pride once the new mom receives your gift.

The first step is to purchase the basket itself. The size of the basket depends on how many items you're planning to purchase. You can buy a traditional wicker basket, or you can opt for a more modern look by using a sleek white cardboard box or fabric-lined plastic basket. If you're using a basket, make sure to find items varying in height, so the larger ones are in the back and the smaller ones in the forefront.

The basket's contents are up to personal preference and budget. If you're creating a new mom gift basket revolving around spa gifts, consider purchasing a robe, some candles, and perhaps a couple of body lotions. For foodie mamas, invest in her favorite chocolate bars, artisan cheese or handmade pasta. High-quality products will increase the overall cost of your DIY gift basket so make sure to plan before you buy.

You can finish off your basket by wrapping it in some cellophane and a pretty bow on top. If you're aiming for simplicity, skip the wrapping altogether and hand-deliver the basket yourself with a warm congratulations.

How We Reviewed

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We searched the world wide web for gift baskets that would please every new mom. Some baskets focus on the newest addition to the home while others celebrate mom on this new and exciting chapter in her life. Below are a few options with different themes to broaden your buying horizon.

Self-care new mom gift basket

Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket. Ultimate Large Spa Basket! #1 Spa Gift Baskets for Women (Lavender Chamomile)
  • Purelis Chamomile & Lavender Spa Basket will give her a crash course in the Three R's Treatment. Renew... Recharge... Rejuvenate.

Becoming a new mother changes your entire life. Suddenly, your life no longer revolves around you or your significant other. Your life is all about the little angel in your arms which means you'll have significantly less time for yourself. Gifting a new mom a self-care basket is a reminder for her to take some time for herself. As the old saying goes, "You can only run the car when there's gas in the tank." By the same token, a mother can only provide the best care for their infant when they take care of themselves first.

basket with cosmetic kits

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This Deluxe Gift Basket is full of spa-like items to relax and rejuvenate the new mom in your life. Make sure that your giftee enjoys the smell of lavender as everything in this new mom gift basket is lavender and chamomile scented. All the items inside the gift basket are plastic wrapped in a robust white basket. This ensures nothing breaks before reaching your home. It includes bath salts, a purple pouf, a lavender candle, bath mitts, and even a pair of slippers. It also includes shower items such as shampoo, body wash, bubble bath mix, and much more.

Some customers purchased this gift basket as a thank you gift for loved ones. The giftees have raved about the high-quality body butter and soothing scent.

Postpartum gift box

A new mom gift basket doesn't necessarily have to be in a basket -- it can be in a box, too! While some gift baskets cater to making the new mom in your life relax, there are others that are all about healing. New moms have gone through a lot of stress and trauma from conception to birth. Once her bundle of joy has birthed, it’s all about self-healing and taking care of herself. Self-care means plenty of rest, relaxation, and time to gather her thoughts to mend inside and out.

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Oh, Mother's New Momma Postpartum Care Kit comes with a selection of items to bring some much-needed relief for new moms. This kit has traditional spa-inspired items such as a lavender and honey face wash, body spray, and natural dry shampoo. But it also includes some lesser known products such as nipple butter. This butter protects and soothes new mothers after they nurse.

However, if mothers decide not to breastfeed, Oh Mother can swap out any of their breastfeeding-related items for other products. Their postpartum tea or shea butter cream can replace nipple butter and mama's milk tea.  The entire kit is also chemical-free and contains no artificial fragrances or toxins.

It ships to the United States or Canada within 2-3 business days. 

Baked goods gift basket

Sometimes, all a new mom wants is to munch on something when she's running around making sure she is meeting her baby's needs. Reaching for a decadent slice of fresh biscotti would be much better than snacking on a week-old bag of chips. Give her the gift of choice with a selection of 18 gourmet biscotti in a beautifully packaged box.

a box of chocolates

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These elegant Kosher biscotti bites have their own section, so nothing is broken by the time it reaches its destination. There are types of hand-dipped biscotti and two of each kind for a total of 18 pieces. Sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, and even fruit garnish the top of the biscotti. Some reviewers have stated, however, that this biscotti is very crumbly and has the consistency of a cookie rather than a biscotti, but they are still highly recommended.

Most customers purchased this biscotti set for someone difficult to buy for, which may be the case for a new mom who has had a baby shower earlier. With so many baby clothes and spa sets, something like a biscotti gift box would set your gift apart from everyone else.

Healthy gift basket for the foodie mom

If you're looking for a more health-conscious new mom gift basket, consider gifting her one with fresh fruit. This gourmet gift basket is like the Rolls Royce of healthy gift baskets. It comes with all the delicious snacks and gourmet treats to keep mom going in the wee hours of the morning.

groceries on the table

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This gift basket features over 25 items including a selection of fresh oranges, pears, and apples. Packaged goods include a range of decadent chocolate chip cookies, roasted peanuts, gourmet kettle corn, pretzel chips, and loads more. It even features classic Vermont cheddar cheese, summer sausage, and a delightful blueberry and pomegranate jam. It is all packaged in a beautiful willow branch basket and a giant red bow on the side. Unfortunately, there are no reviews available for this basket on the manufacturer's website. However, it looks to be a diverse selection of foods sure to please every palette.

Ordering this basket is as easy as placing it in your cart and sending it off to the recipient. This company delivers their gift basket anywhere within the United States. To personalize this basket for a new mom, ship the basket to your home first. Then make a label with the new mom and baby's name and place it on the gift basket. Alternatively, you can change out the bow for a blue or pink one to coincide with the baby's gender.

Naturopathic gift basket

Once their baby is born and the dust settles, a new mother may want to go back to basics. This means sticking with natural scents and products that contain little to no artificial perfumes or additives. Light, natural fragrances include eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and patchouli. Patchouli has an earthy, musky, and slightly sweet smell. If you know a new mother who is obsessed with this scent, she will never forget receiving a patchouli-scented gift set.

giveaways on a basket

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This Etsy gift basket is filled with natural products with the same scent: patchouli. This gift basket includes a tangerine and patchouli-scented spray which doubles as a body spray and a natural bug spray. It also features a body moisturizer/body shave balm, bath oil, a talc-free “ripple” powder, and a hand lotion made of patchouli and hemp seed. 

While it may seem a little expensive for a mere five items, it is important to remember that these are all-natural products. All of the ingredients listed on the container are pronounceable (a feat in and of itself) and is all made and packaged in-house.

Little Lady gift set

If you wish to focus more on the newest addition to the family, there are plenty of online options. However, inside gift baskets found in-store are items of sometimes questionable quality. Because you can’t disassemble the gift basket without tearing the wrapping, you may find yourself wanting a basket of a higher caliber. The company “Baskits” has exactly what you need.

gift card

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Their Little Lady gift set is available online ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.

This particular set is not for your average infant. For moms with expensive taste, their baby girl deserves nothing less than the best. Inside this particular box are high-quality items from brands such as Jake and Jill, Coco Chanel and Madeline Ann. It comes in a beautiful white box with a see-through plastic top. It includes a Coco Chanel book, Jake and Jill hand lotion and body wash, a rose cotton Muslin swaddle, a couple of pink bows, shoes, and a onesie with a printed Chanel necklace.

Gift basket for a baby boy

New mom gift baskets can also focus more on the baby instead of the new mom personally. A new mom gift basket for baby is a great way to put together a few of your favorite items without breaking the bank.

panda stuffed toys

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Nutcracker Sweet has a variety of baby-oriented gift basket to suit everyone's personal preference and budget. Their adorable baby cuteness boy gift basket comes in three colors: blue, pink, and a neutral green. All three color combinations come with the same items, but a few of the items come in a different color. A 4-piece baby puzzle and Robert Munsch's Love You Forever stays the same in all three baskets. The "ABC" box, teddy bear, cotton onesie, blanket, and rattle change colors according to your selection.

The basket can be delivered anywhere in North America. Make sure to check out Nutcracker Sweet's delivery page to ensure your gift basket arrives on time.

Which Gift Basket Should You Buy?

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Any of above new mom gift baskets and boxes will undoubtedly make any new mom very happy. However, if you’re on a tight budget, we recommend sticking with Oh Nuts’ selection of assorted biscotti. They’re delicious, easy on your wallet, and you don’t have to worry about getting the right scent or size!

If you want to make a splash for the new mom who deserves the best, head over to Baskit’s website. Their Little Lady or their Cool Dude set (their baby boy equivalent) will please any little prince or princess’ momma. They boast high-quality brands and can ship anywhere in North America in approximately two weeks.

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