Can Baby Sunglasses be the Best Gift for a Mom?

baby sunglasses

Most of us have probably melted over the sight of a baby in sunglasses. You may be considering picking up a pair or two for a new mother or mother-to-be. However, many may not realize that getting the right pair of baby sunglasses is actually necessary for keeping a baby healthy.

Infants usually have sensitive eyes, which is why we’re cautioned not to use flash photography around them. This makes it evident that their eyes need protection from the bright sun as well. The right pair of baby sunglasses will keep the child comfortable and protect them from the ultraviolet rays that may damage their eyes. This is the perfect baby shower gift that many might overlook, so start searching around for options now!

Why Sunglasses Are as Important for a Baby as They Are for a Mom

Everyone knows that it’s important to wear sunglasses when the sun is very bright. This can help to prevent several health issues related to the eyes and also help us function better in the very bright light. Without sunglasses, we’d be letting ultraviolet rays directly into the sensitive eye tissue and be squinting to see properly.

Since it’s so important for adults, wearing sunglasses should be even more important for a baby. Not protecting an infant’s eyes from the sunshine can result in cataracts, skin cancer on eyelids, corneal sunburn, certain eye cancers, macular degeneration, and pterygium, which is a growth on the corneas.

Needless to say, no mother wants her baby exposed to these problems. To reduce this risk, consider giving her baby sunglasses at the baby shower. This will help to protect her baby’s eyes at the crucial time of development.

How Baby Sunglasses Protect an Infants’ Eyes from Sun Exposure

baby sunglasses

If the baby sunglasses are high-quality and work as they should, they will protect a baby’s pupils against several risks. Adult eyes are usually developed and have enough pigment to filter out ultraviolet rays. Their pupils can also contract automatically when exposed to bright light, reducing the amount that enters into the eyes to prevent damage.

Unfortunately, infants’ eyes don’t have that level of development yet. 

It’s hence important that you get some UV-filtering baby sunglasses. This protection will also help the child later on in life as it will lessen the overall lifetime exposure to direct sunlight.

Age and Situations When a Child Should Wear Sunglasses

A general rule of thumb is that when an adult feels like they need sunglasses, their child should put on a pair as well. When you gift a pair of baby sunglasses to a new mom, be sure and let her know that those bright days can occur during the winter as well. Even cloudy days can have a lot of sunlight. She should have those glasses on hand no matter what the season!

Another point to keep in mind is that very young babies are usually in shaded prams or covered strollers when they’re taken outside. They also instinctively close their eyes when uncomfortable. This is enough protection, so a very tiny pair of baby sunglasses isn’t necessary.

It’s important to understand that keeping sunglasses on a baby’s eyes is not a good idea. Because an infant’s vision is under development, they need a clear, unobstructed view of the world as much as possible in addition to having their eyes protected. Certain sunglasses lenses might adversely affect a baby's vision, so the parents should only use them when needed, i.e., in situations when there is excessive sunlight.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Pair of Baby Sunglasses

Since baby sunglasses are for the sensitive eyes of young children and infants, you need to choose your gift carefully. Keep the following factors in consideration when making a decision, and you’ll be on your way to purchasing the best baby sunglasses ever!

UV filter

You should choose baby sunglasses that can filter out 95 percent of the UV rays at the very least. Darkening lenses reduce the effect of direct sunlight and enable the pupils to dilate properly. The higher the blockage, the better it is for a baby’s eyes.


The lenses of any baby sunglasses shouldn’t be any color like pink, blue, red, etc. Keep the lenses color as natural as possible, with a gray tint being the best option. This could vary from a transparent tint to almost black. The darkness, however, isn’t as important as the UV blockage.


This is a separate consideration from UV blockage and should be prioritized when picking out a pair of baby sunglasses. Higher polarization will better reduce glare, plus help babies see objects in focus.


Since babies, toddlers, and little kids can easily break things, it’s important to get baby sunglasses that are shatter-proof. Keep an eye out for polycarbonate lenses that have approval from the American National Standards Institute.


This style of sunglasses will prevent any unwanted light from getting into an infant’s eyes. Plus, the sunglasses will stay put that way better than regular ones.

When Is the Right Time to Invest in a New Pair of Baby Sunglasses?

The best time to gift a mother that necessary pair of baby sunglasses is when their babies are around six months old. Before that, most mothers are covering up their infants from the sun using sunshades, covers, and other methods. However, sunglasses might be a good idea even in very young babies if they frequently visit the pool, the ski slopes, or the beach. The light is intense in these areas, so a mother will be grateful to have some dark glasses for their child on hand.

How to Motivate a Child to Wear Sunglasses

Your mom friend might be wondering how she can encourage an active baby to wear sunglasses peacefully. You can come to the rescue again by giving her some strategies to try out.

First off, the parents — especially the mother — should be wearing sunglasses whenever needed. Other family members should also be wearing them on bright sunny days.

Next, one should make sure that the sunglasses are always put on the baby when they’re outside in the sun. This will give them the sense of comfort they need and avoid any sudden scary darkness.

If the child is a bit older, their parents can also try explaining how sunglasses will make their eyes feel good. Alternatively, they can simply let the baby look at themselves in the mirror and enjoy their new look.

How We Reviewed

We’ve reviewed the following baby sunglasses to give you an idea of the best choice in this category. We’ve also reviewed a wide range of products such as sunglasses for girls, boys, wraparound styles, etc. This way, you get an unbiased, varied range for your sunglasses inspiration!

The Best Baby Sunglasses of 2018

Now, we’ll come to the best baby sunglasses this year’s market has to offer. You just might find what you’re looking for below:

Julbo Looping Infant Sunglasses

Julbo Looping 1 Baby Sunglasses with High Protection and Full Coverage for Ages 0-18 Months
  • USE CASE: Designed for everyday wear for infants and toddlers (ages 0-18 months) to shield their delicate eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

These Julbo Looping sunglasses are one of the best choices you can make for your friend’s newborn. The band will ensure that your friend can adjust the size and not have to buy a new pair every month. This pair is also reversible, with gray lenses and flexible material.

Sun Smarties Wrap Sunglasses

Blue Wrap Sunglasses for Baby Boys Birth - 24 Months by Sun Smarties
  • Pediatrician recommended, because our baby and kids' sunglasses block 100% of UV rays

The Sun Smarties sunglasses are an excellent option for those little boys who want to have fun in the sun. They have polycarbonate lenses that are shatter-proof and won’t present any risk to the eye. There’s also an adjustable Velcro strap included along with some color options.

Those using these sunglasses have loved the 100 percent UV blockage along with the pediatrician recommendation. However, some reviews have stated that the frames for this option tend to run large.

BabyBanz Adventure Banz

Baby Banz Sunglasses Infant Sun Protection – Ages 0-2 Years – THE BEST SUNGLASSES FOR BABIES & TODDLERS – Industry Leading Sun Protection Rating – 100% UV
  • Fashionable UVA & UVB Sun Protection for Infants and Babies Age: 0-2 Yrs. Often, parents overlook their children’s eye protection from the sun. And yet, kids spend much more time outdoors than most adults do, making it extremely important to have year round, reliable protection against those harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Our team of experts has created the coolest, most innovative and stylish designs to keep your Infant or Baby safe and in fashion at all times.

These BabyBanz Adventure Banz sunglasses just might be the best decision for your little niece! This will give her a cute appearance without compromising on security and protection. You’ll get a moisture-wicking band here along with a material free of any toxins. The lenses are polycarbonate and shatter-resistant, so even an active little princess will find it hard to crack them.

Parents have loved the year-long guarantee for these baby sunglasses, but there are complaints of them running too small.

Tuga Baby/Toddler Sunglasses

Tuga Baby/Toddler UV 400 Sunglasses w/ 2 Straps & Case, Black
  • PROTECTS CHILD'S YOUNG EYES: Fashionable strap around sunglasses for babies / infants / toddlers boys and girls protect against harmful UV rays, rated UV 400. Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses block out 100% of both UVA and UVB damaging sun rays, which can lead to cataracts. Perfect for keeping children's eyes protected while outdoors.

These Tuga sunglasses are probably the best kind you can find with a convenient strap. This is adjustable, making the pair a good investment for the future. There are two straps included so that you can use the same pair for kids when they grow out of babyhood.

Parents have loved the carrying case, but have also complained about the plastic, inflexible frames.

BabyBanz Polarized Sunglasses

Baby Banz Ultimate Polarized Sunglasses, Blue, Infant
  • Ultimate banz have a silicone nose and brow piece and polarized lenses

The BabyBanz Polarized Sunglasses serve to protect small heads and eyes from the glaring sun, even doing their part in improving future vision. They come in two sizes and two colors. The material is free of toxins, while the lenses are polycarbonate and resistant to shattering. This makes it safe for a young baby or child. Even when they use this pair roughly, the lenses won't break and hurt them.

Parents have loved the safe and secure option here, especially with the year’s guarantee thrown in. However, several reviews have stated that they’d like more color options.

Wayfarer My First Sunglasses

Vintage - W115mm (Bl + Teal 2 Pack)
  • Classic vintage style sunglasses for for baby and toddler 1 to 2 years old

The Wayfarer sunglasses are probably among the best choices for a one-year-old baby. This is the stage where the young ones want to copy their parents and siblings. This option allows them to wear grown-up sunglasses that come in their size. These sunglasses have a fitness guarantee, two pairs in one, and will block 100 percent of the UV rays.

Parents have loved the carrying case and break-resistant material here. However, this pair isn’t polarized and doesn’t have a wraparound design.

Minishade Flexible Polarized Toddler Sunglasses

Minishades Polarized Classic Kids Sunglasses, Baby Blue
  • Hide n' Seek loss and damage warranty- lose or damage them once and get another pair under warranty ($7.95 Fee Applies)

The Minishade Flexible sunglasses are a classic option that comes from a company known for its adult polarized sunglasses. From this fact, you know you have high-quality polarization. The lenses in this pair are resistant to impact, scratches, breakage, and all UV rays. The rubberized frames are highly durable and flexible.

Parents have greatly appreciated the year-long replacement guarantee for these sunglasses. However, there have been some complaints about them being too flexible for stability.

Real Kids Shades

Real Shades Polarized Explorer Sunglasses (Baby 0+, Aqua/Pink)
  • 100% UVA/UVB PROTECTION: Full spectrum UV protection to keep children’s eyes safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

These Real Kids Shades have 100 percent UVA and UVB, along with a strap for easy placing. The lenses are a natural gray, with soft rubber frames. This makes for a much more durable option than hard plastic. What’s more, you can even get several different colors to suit everyone’s taste.

Parents and kids alike have loved the stable wraparound design that provides complete protection, even if it does run a bit small. However, the lenses aren’t polarized in this case.

Kushies Sunglasses

Kushies Sunglasses 100% UV Lens Block (Newborn, Black)
  • Blocks 100% of the Sun's Harmful UVA & UVB Rays!

Kushies Sunglasses are equipped with 100% UV Lens Block and are suitable even for newborn babies. They hence stand apart from many other options on this list. They’re made of pure Dupont rubber which makes for a durable item. The lenses are gray and free of phthalates, BPA, and PVC.

Parents love the fact that even if these sunglasses break, they’re still in the affordable range. However, there have been complaints about the limited color choices and no adjustable strap.

Roshambo Baby Shades

No products found.

You’ll get several features with the Roshambo Baby Shades that a mother would adore, including a Wayfarer style, customized lenses, and unbreakable material. They have 100 percent UVA and UVB, come in three sizes, and have triacetate cellulose lenses in mirrored, standard, and polarized versions.

Families would love the varied options here, as everyone could wear matching shades. On the downside, some users have complained about the lenses popping out too easily.

Are Baby Sunglasses the Best Gift for a Mom

The options above probably include one that can fit your requirements for the perfect baby shower gift. There’s nothing like showing your concern for your niece's or nephew's health no matter how young they might be. All factors considered, though, the Kushies sunglasses just might be the best quality you can get at the most affordable rates. If you want something for an older infant, the Wayfarer is another great choice. For the most comprehensive guarantee, the Roshambo option is an excellent deal.

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